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The 66th 
WIC President

Waseda University
School of  Education

Minami Kono


Greeting from the President of WIC


     Welcome to WIC Homepage!


     ' WIC' stands for Waseda International Club. Waseda University's WIC is one of the major international student organizations. Established in 1956, it is an official student organization of Waseda. Every year, we hold various events to promote mutual understanding between international students and Japanese students.

     WIC's main events include the SHS, Homecoming Festival, and the Japanese Speech Contest. A short-term homestay event, SHS, will provide students with the opportunity to meet and interact with international students for the first time in June. Our Homecoming Festival (in Japanese, this is called Yatai-mura or Yatai village) will be centered around a theme and we'll prepare and sell goods accordingly. Lastly, there will be a speech contest in December. Participants are all international students and Japanese members will support them in grammar and Japanese presentation. Information on this event can be found on our homepage. In addition, we host daily and smaller events. Our events are well attended by various students, and members hang out outside of the events as well.


     Come and join us! 

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