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We have many events through the year!




(From May in 2020)

This is not every week, and the place depends on the day.

Lounge at the 15th building
from 2nd to 5th period
​on weekdays

(Wed -4th period)




WIC holds “Nihon-Kyousitsu” on Wednesday (2-3 times in a month). Nihon-Kyousitsu, “Japanese cultural experience” in other words, is intended for foreign students in Waseda and Japanese language schools. You can learn Japanese culture that you can’t learn at school, and you can enjoy talking with Japanese and other foreign students. Although “Kyositsu” (class) sounds serous and difficult, please don’t worry! We prepare interesting subjects so those who have never joined before can also have a wonderful time! So, feel free to join us!!










The 100-kilometer hike


The Honjo-Waseda 100-kilometer hike is an event that, true to its namesake, takes place between Honjo and Waseda. Spanning over 100 kilometers, it’s a two day walk and generally takes place late in May. It is one of the three biggest events of Waseda, alongside Soukeisen (早慶戦, a baseball event between two rivals, Waseda and Keio) and the Waseda Festival (早稲田祭). Waseda International Club (henceforth referred to as WIC) with their pink-colored T-shirts participate in this burning hot event. You can make precious memories with the WIC and other international students! You can also enjoy looking at many cosplayers amongst the participants.


image0 (1).jpeg

Soukeisen is also the most anticipated game between the Waseda and Keio universities, with over 100 years of tradition behind it. It’s held twice a year during the spring and during the autumn. Even if you’re not up to speed with the rules of baseball, it’s completely fine! The atmosphere is extremely hyped up and enjoyable with cheers for the players. When Waseda gets points, we sing our anthem/supporting song, Kompeki no Sora (紺碧の空 Azure Sky). Join us for this event, and you’ll come to love Waseda so much more!


WIC hosts 4 big trips per year! We enjoy sightseeing, games & activities and sometimes cook together. Members can gain stronger connections after the trips :) What about joining our Welcome trip, Summer trip or Ski trip to have fun with WIC members and other exchange students!?

SHS (Short Home Stay)

Short home stay (SHS) is a trip that spans two days and one night. You will be placed in one of the houses or rooms of the WIC members and stay there with other international students of Japanese and WIC members. Each group makes their own plans, so you can feel free to work things out with your team and enjoy your plan and make good friends with your fellow group members. Every year participants make great friendships and bonds and each group holds a get-together party after the trip.


“Yataimura” is an annual event which is held by WIC every October. We open food stalls of various countries and regions on home coming day. In that event, WIC members and international students are going to be divided into 3 groups and compete each other in their quality of food, costume, signboard and sales of the food. Each group will cooperate together to aim for 1st prize for an entire month while thinking about what to put in their menus, and designs for costumes and signboards. The fascinating part of Yataimura is not only the hard work that goes into the event, but also the bonding of the member s in each group. Through Yataimura, you will be able to gain close friendships with group members that will last ever. Join us to have a blast and let’s make the best Yataimura ever!!

Japanese Speech Contest
by International Students

Japanese Speech Contest is a competition for international students who are visiting Japan. Through this event, each participant will have the opportunity to express how he or she feels about studying abroad in Japan, and to deliver a message to the audience in Japanese. Participants can choose almost any topic for their speech. In previous years, participants have chosen topics, such as the cultural difference between the home country and Japan, the participants’ feelings about the experience of studying abroad in Japan, or even animation culture. Candidates will need to pass a screening in order to participate in the speech contest. However, the most important thing is your enthusiasm to express your thoughts. You can still participate even if you are not confident about your Japanese language skills because WIC members will help you with building the speech and practicing. What about expressing your thoughts through this event!?


Many international students come to Waseda every year. We support their first visit to Japan and also organize several events which everyone can enjoy! This project is called Kokusaibu (国際部). Big welcoming party or orientation that introduces Japanese cultures is held during spring and fall which are the seasons when many exchange students come. Let’s experience a fabulous time with WIC!!


Like many Waseda societies, WIC also has our own gathering spot. It’s located on the first floor of 15th building. Difference from other societies is that many exchange student visits here!! You can enjoy international exchange in everyday life by eating lunch with the members or spending your spare time while you’re in school. WIC members will be there from 2nd period to 5th period on weekdays, so feel free to drop in:)

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