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What is 'サークル(sa-kuru)' ?

Society is where people who share same hobbies or interests gathers around.

Waseda has hundreds and thousands of societies so choose the society that suits you the best!!
Among them, Waseda International club (WIC) has been recognized as official society in Waseda for 60 years.



What kinds of people are there in WIC?

There are many kinds of people who have different backgrounds.(Not only Japanese but also international students)

Now(2020.3),We have about 100 members in our サークル.



Can other university students join WIC?


Of course, yes.

For example...Japan Women's University, Tsuda University and so on!

Not only university students but also Japanese Language School students can join WIC! 



I'm not good at Japanese…


It doesn't matter!

WIC members can teach Japanese and also a lot of them can speak English.

...and we can talk by gesture!

I want to be a member of WIC...

Please come to our lounge!

We will explain about membership of WIC in detail :)


I'm interested in WIC!!!!

We have information sessions and party for freshman in

April and September. Please check our SNS or

ask through here → Contact us



I'm really really interested in WIC!

WIC members and international students are always gathering in 15th building B1 floor.(WIC lounge)

Please come here and talk with us!


Do you have any specific relations??


We are neutral in all political and religious views.


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